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I had been wanting Lasik surgery for quite a few years. It wasn’t that contacts “bothered” me or that I had a very strong prescription (2.75 in each eye), but I grew tired of poking and putting something in my eyes every day as well as the monthly payments for contacts that add-up over time.

My only hesitation was the thought of surgery on my eyes. However, after meeting and working with Dr. Nicholas Nissirios and his staff, my fears and any doubts quickly diminished. Lasik with Dr. Nissirios became one of the best decisions I ever made!

(1) I got 20/20 vision the very next day after the procedure (2) No pain/discomfort during the 15 minute surgery (3) Dr. Nissirios and his staff were incredibly supportive, comforting, and easy to work with (4) Dr. Nissirios talked to me throughout the surgery, making me feel very at ease

In short, I have perfect vision with zero pain, had an incredible experience with a highly trained and supportive staff, and would recommended Dr. Nissirios to anyone considering Lasik.

It’s worth it!

Amy S.

I had LASIK surgery with Dr. Nissirios, and going to him was the best decision I have made about my eyes. Dr. Nissirios explained the whole procedure to me with patience and detail. He was understanding, comforting, and patiently answered all my questions. I was initially afraid of the surgery, but he alleviated all my fears. He is a highly skilled doctor who is incredibly knowledgeable in his field. I am extremely happy with the results and my new 20/20 vision. If you are looking for a great ophthalmologist, I highly recommend Dr. Nissirios.

Kelly S.

Wish Facebook had a “love” button to recommend this office 🙂

I had Intralase LASIK surgery a week ago, performed by Dr. Nick Nissirios and am still amazed by my experience. After consulting with several offices, this was the first that I felt completely comfortable and had all of my questions answered in detail. The staff went out of their way to make sure my consult, follow up and procedure fit into my schedule, and every person I had the pleasure of dealing with had a sunny attitude and a knowledgable background. While some doctors leave you in the waiting room forever, this office respected my time and appointment, and I was always seen promptly.

I would (and have) recommend Dr. Nissirios to anyone considering LASIK vision correction as my results were amazing. A toric contact lens wearer since age seven, I have an entirely new life after this surgery. Not only can I see better than I ever have, but getting ready in the morning is a breeze without fussing with contacts or trying to find my glasses. Dr. Nick was unbelievably nice and a true professional, making sure I was fully aware of what to expect every step of the process. I even received a phone call a few hours after my surgery to check on my progress. Though having a laser in your eye seems harrowing, I was shocked that the procedure was completely painless with the only side effect being a slight dry eye feeling (which is much less than when I had contacts.) In short: I feel perfect, see amazing and know this was THE BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT.

Thank you Dr. Nissirios for the 5 -star experience.

Bonnie L.

I recently had laser eye surgery and it was the best decision due to it substantially changing my quality of life. Dr Nissirios and staff made it a wonderful experience… It’s unbelievable how well I was able to see right after the surgery. I went from a -8 eye prescription to reading on the 20/20 line on the eye chart. It’s been over seven weeks now, my eyes are doing great and I’m beyond elated with the outcome. Thanks again to Dr. Nissirios and staff they’re amazing.

Nicole B.

Cataract Testimonials

Doc Let Me Test Drive 2 Future Lenses…Gadzooks! Warning: This review contains graphic descriptions that may inspire you to select Dr. Nissirios~~a dazzling tour de force~~as your Ophthalmologist. Dr. Nick’s offerings are eye-catching, mouth-watering, blood-tingling, hair-raising & mind-bending. He’s patient with patients & customizes a blueprint for only you [abracadabra!]. He’s a visionary who enhances your vision & tames your freak-out [gulp!]. Another surgeon extracted a cataract yet after eye-patch was plucked, I couldn’t read. Imagine a 30-year writer-editor being forced to wear reading glasses 365-forever. I felt gazumped & was madder than a hornet. Enter Dr. Nick, an inimitable wizard hauling a bag of options. We brainstormed, then he inserted 2 disparate contact lenses to sample. He dispatched me to loiter in his mondo manicured garden~~crammed with clover, couches & calm~~to test my close-up & distant views. Of 4 past eye MDs, none has offered this ingenious personalized touch to hit the bull’s eye of my needs [ooh-là-là]. Dr. Nick didn’t interrupt for an hour+ [gasp!]. Wisdom is his reward for a lifetime of listening. He’s unearthed gobs of silent-vision thieves & has mastered the state-of-the-art implantation of multifocal correcting lenses. Wowsa! Dr. Nissirios~~soft as a swan, sharp, sublime & superior. He gave me precisely what I requested~~no sales pitch, no rushing me, no scowls over my choice [the most formidable pick]…yiippee! You’ll leave his office glowing, glistening, gleaming & renewed. With eyesight that’s conquered fuzzy & foggy, blurry & cloudy, itching & burning, halos & styes. I can read price tags, ingredients & my scribbles, hooray! Goodbye days [daze?] of haze! Eye-eye, captain! For those who click on “female” MD on zocdoc, you’ll rue passing up a passionate & compassionate, inventive & fearless magician. A real live wire whose magnetism may need a harness. No Neanderthal Flintstone he…he’s a dynamo Jetson! Did I mention his majestic & mesmeric mind? Perhaps I’ll adopt him while I’m in Shangri-la flashing my new crisp vision.

Zinaida A.

General Eye Care Testimonials

Very friendly doctor… answered all my questions. Wait time was less than a few minutes.


Great doctor, pleasant office. Will go again.


Doctor Nissirios explained everything clearly and has a friendly attitude. He’s patient and is also efficient. The same goes for his receptionist, which does everything she can to make your insurance process smooth and easy. I would definitely recommend him for those looking to get glasses or if your eye is really dry and you need drops. The office is close to the N train, and the office is not crowded so wait time is minimal.


Very educational and patient manner


Receptionist was literally the perfect receptionist. Very capable, and friendly. Dr. Nissirios was great as well. Very friendly, direct, to the point, makes sure you understand. My only complaint would be that the reception area is shared with a couple other doctors and kind of chaotic.


Dr. Nissirios was very kind and patient with my nervous 4 year old. He was detailed and clear with how to treat the bump on her eye (enlarged infected stye). And even though he had to pop it and that made her cry he made her feel much better with praises on her bravery. It’s not easy to treat a toddler and he made our experience wonderful. I’ll not only be following up for my toddler, I will be making appointments for my entire family.

Jade G.

I was very pleased with my visit with Dr. Nissirios. From the moment I walked into the office. The office was spotless the staff were very polite and helpful from filling out the forms to doing the examinations till the doctor entering the examining room. When the doctor came in the room he was very pleasant explained what he was going to do, made you feel really relaxed. He took his time answered all and every questions we had. Explained the options we had and what steps we had to go further with our treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Nissirios and his staff to anyone who needs an Ophthalmologist.

Alan P.

He was pleasant and professional not to mention handsome. I would recommend him to my family and friends.

Sandra S.

My visit with Dr. Nissirios was PERFECT !!

Olga B.

This Doctor is Terrific. He explained my dx. in a lay terms and answered all my questions. I was also amazed at how eash he handles is work flow.

Lorna R.

Great visit, Doctor Nissirios took his time and made a thorough analysis. Very friendly as well as office assistant. Am Glad to have found a new eye doctor.


Smart, friendly personable Understood my problem When pharmacy didn’t have eye drops, he called pharmacy and got me a substitute. Excellent Doctor

Luis T.

He was professional, knowledgeable and he is now my new doctor! Thanks ZocDoc!

Cathy A.
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