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Premium Laser Cataract Surgery in Queens, NY

Cataract Surgery in Queens, NY

Laser cataract surgery is performed without blades

Premium Laser Cataract Surgery

For many years people thought that cataract surgery was performed with a laser. That was a myth until recently. In the summer of 2011 the first laser cataract platform (Lensx) was introduced in New York. Dr. Nissirios was one of the first cataract surgeons to be trained and use this advanced technology and performed more than 300 cases in the first year. Dr. Nissirios is certified in all Laser Cataract platforms approved by the FDA today.

With Laser Cataract Surgery the cataract procedure is performed without the use of blades. There is less need for the use of ultrasound to brake the cataract resulting in less energy applied to the eye. This method provides high precision, faster recovery, treatment of astigmatism and what many surgeons believe possibly higher safety in complicated cataract surgeries.

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