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orasis laser vision center

ORASIS is the Greek word for Vision or Sight. ORASIS Laser Vision Center will be able to cover all your laser vision needs, including LASIK, PRK, RLE, EVO ICL surgery, cataract surgery, and more.  ORASIS is also the first SMILE center in Queens and one of few office-based centers to perform IV-free cataract surgery.    

What Services Does ORASIS Laser Vision Center Offer?

The following are services offered at ORASIS Laser Vision Center:


The most advanced technologies in refractive surgery, including Contoura Vision LASIK (also known as Topography-guided LASIK) are offered at the new laser surgery center.  Contoura Vision LASIK is the latest FDA-approved LASIK eye surgery technique in the United States.


ORASIS Laser Surgery Center is proud to be the first Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) center in Queens, NY.  SMILE is used to correct refractive errors, which can cause blurry vision and make reading difficult.  This procedure is less invasive than traditional LASIK or PRK and can have a faster recovery. 


Another type of refractive surgery offered by Dr. Nissirios is Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) surgery.  Like SMILE and LASIK, this surgery helps patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

EVO ICL Surgery

If you are looking for an alternative to LASIK, PRK, or SMILE eye procedures, then EVO ICL (also known as an Implantable Collamer® Lens) surgery may be right for you.  In this procedure, a lens is implanted between the iris and cornea to provide clear, crisp vision.  Unlike other laser surgeries, no corneal tissue is removed. 

Refractive Lens Exchange

Patients with a high degree of myopia, astigmatism, or hyperopia may be better suited to Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE).  In this surgery, the eye’s natural lens is replaced with an artificial interocular lens, a technique similar to cataract surgery

Cataract Surgery

ORASIS Laser Vision Center is proud to be one of the few office-based surgery centers offering IV-free cataract surgery.  In general, cataract surgery requires light sedation, but the use of an IV can cause anxiety in some patients.  This IV-free technique can help make your cataract surgery a low-stress experience. 

ORASIS Laser Vision Center offers the newest and most advanced technology in refractive surgeries, including SMILE, Contoura Vision LASIK, PRK, RLE, and EVO ICL surgery.  Not only is ORASIS the first SMILE center in Queens, NY but it is also one of few office-based clinics offering IV-free cataract surgery.  


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